GameRunnaZ Music Publishing Signs Direct Deal with Facebook Inc.

GameRunnaZ Records & Music Publishing has signed a direct publishing deal with Facebook Music in gearing up to re-launch the independent record label in its new home of San Diego, CA.

“Like many others in 2020, it’s been a challenging year as an independent record label, and most of our plans have been on hold since March of this year. This is a great step in recovery and continuing on with our plans from before the pandemic,” says Jacoby “J.T. Pender, founder.

The direct deal will allow GameRunnaZ to directly distribute and manage its incoming releases for first quarter of 2021 which include J.T. as an artist, and an expanded roster of San Diego artist to the world’s most popular social platform and its subsidiaries, which include Instagram.


GameRunnaZ Music Publishing signs direct publishing deal with Touch Tunes Interactive

GameRunnaZ Music Publishing has taken the first step into moving it’s music into your local dive bars with Touch Tunes, powered by the Touch Tunes App!

2020 wasn’t the the year of going out and listening to loud bangerz, but we are fully prepared to get everybody moving again post pandemic wherever Touch Tunes consoles are. Stay tuned for updates!

J.T. Pender EXISTENCE Album Back In The Works

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone….

In January of 2019, J.T. began working on his album “Existence,” which was began out of necessity in needing to vent the struggles of losing his mother to cancer and brother to a car accident during a hard week in November of the previous year.

What began as an EP that was supposed to cover the struggle between dark emotions and re-building the label in San Diego turned to a full album as the content kept flowing. Often dubbed a selfish album by J.T.  album due to it being primarily for self-reflection, and not tailored to the listener, Existence will prove to touch areas of life that most mainstream music doesn’t.

In the upcoming interview, J.T. explains why he postponed the album release due to the 2020 pandemic, and what has changed in outlook and his artistry. Stay tuned…

GameRunnaZ Publishing Intro Video

As many of you know, GameRunnaZ has been systematically building up a thriving music publishing company over the last few years. We’ve just begun a new phase to bring even better content to our clients, maintaining our goals to bring a new swag to the sound of Reality TV and Film. Check out the new Re-UP Re-Intro Video!

GameRunnaZ Publishing Inks Deal With Propagate Content



May 24th, 2019

Contact:, 619-535-9511

GameRunnaZ Records Signs Music Licensing Deal With Propagate Content

LOS ANGELES, CA: GameRunnaZ Records has signed a new licensing deal with Propagate Content. This new agreement will make the entire  GameRunnaZ Records music catalog available to Propagate Content and its amazing line-up of programming.

“Propagate has produced over five thousand hours of programming across broadcast, cable, digital and emerging platforms, and we are excited to contribute  to the soundtracks of their projects,” says J.T. Pender, GameRunnaZ Records owner.

GameRunnaZ Records specializes in urban music production genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, and Trap, but also has co-publishing agreements in place that allow its clients to reach for a growing list of other genres and theme based audio content.

“My view has always been to see our client’s vision and get them the music to make the soundtrack to that vision a reality. It’s more about quality and personalization for us as a publishing company,” adds Pender.

Propagate Content is known for it’s creatively produced shows, such as Charmed, Planet Of The Apps, Haunted, The Fight For The Crown, and many more.