Killing Cookie available on Youtube!

In this mockumentary ex-mobster “Cookie”, the first person ever inserted into the Federal Witness Protection Program, is kicked out 50 years later. With his life no longer protected and bankrolled by the government he now has to learn how to survive on his own.

What sets “Killing Cookie” apart is not only its powerful soundtrack powered by the team at GameRunnaZ, but also the fact that it was entirely independently written, directed, and produced by the incredibly talented Ryan Wise. This creative freedom allowed Wise to bring his vision to life without any compromises, resulting in a truly unique cinematic experience.

J.T. Pender, with help of a fresh newcomer and studio guitarist Anton Russkikh, made a masterfully themed and blended Americana style soundtrack infused with Mandolin and even subtle hints of Hip Hop elements.

You can now watch the entire feature film on Youtube for free: WATCH NOW