The 5th and Oak Mixtape Official Drop 9.1.2023!

The 5th and Oak Mixtape was a family of songs that was recorded over a one year period between 2002 and 2003 in Port Angeles, WA by the most unlikely trio of Tyroneus (now known as J.T. Pender), Mo Jerzey, and Jimmy Stools.

Tracks were strewn together from what could be found as the original working sessions were long lost and random MP3s were amoung countless faded and crumbling old CD-Rs.

The music was never officially distributed, but what was recovered was grouped on the mixtape and was available on select websites including ours. GameRunnaZ is happy to announce we have re-mastered the mixtape and will be doing an official distribution to all major platforms on September 1st!

This deluxe version has more music, and is re-mastered to have an updated sound quality. More background on this later after release, so be sure to check back in!