JT is back with his first official release since his 2017 album, The Breaking ChainZ mixtape.

This time he’s bringing new skills to the table in FREEDOM, a single from his incoming It Is What It Isn’t studio release.

The release date is set for all platforms on 5.29.2023 and features GameRunnaZ vocalist AnnaRose, as well as an incoming electronic  official remix from Clinton Tarantino, that promises to transcend genres.

The energy of FREEDOM and its release also commences the re-launch of GameRunnaZ in San Diego, CA for 2023.




By J.T. Pender
Release date: 2023-05-28

Freedom in "Killing Cookie" Film


In this mockumentary ex-mobster “Cookie”, the first person ever inserted into the Federal Witness Protection Program, is kicked out 50 years later. With his life no longer protected and bankrolled by the government he now has to learn how to survive on his own.

J.T. Pender has made an impressive debut with his first full music soundtrack for Killing Cookie, combining two distinct styles of music – Americana and Hip Hop. His fusion of these two genres creates a unique soundscape that captures the essence of the movie’s story while providing an accessible and enjoyable listening experience.

The soundtrack is a masterful blend of traditional Americana instruments such as acoustic guitar, banjos, harmonicas, and mandolins with modern Hip Hop beats and samples. This combination creates a unique sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. Pender’s skillful composition allows him to create a truly immersive experience that transports listeners into the world of Killing Cookie.

FREEDOM: The Music Video


Proposed Shoot: The Mansfield Observatory (TAP FOR DETAILS)


FREEDOM is about independent Freedom within the music business. It represents the independent nature of GameRunnaZ and J.T. as an artist.

Being able to maintain creative freedom while operating in a music business with rules abound. Pushing the limits from the studio to the stage to create an independent livelihood in the music industry.

The idea is that we will shoot the music video at The Mansfield Reformatory, a retired prison, known for the movie, The Shawshank Redemption.

The music video will be directed by award winning director and producer Ryan Wise. Choreography will be created by Briona Walker.

FREEDOM: The Remix by Clinton Tarantino



An Uptempo Tech House Remix of the Original

Hailing from the Northwest, Clinton Tarantino is a music producer and DJ. The now San Diego based artist seeks to leave a mark in the electronic music scene. His music draws inspiration from industry giants Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep/Afterlife. By the same token, Clinton Tarantino’s music is heavily melodic and seeks to inspire his listeners. The up-and-coming artist has a talent above many in which he is able to work in multiple genres. Clinton has performed at multiple renowned venues across the West Coast of the United States. His vast experience and talent make Clinton Tarantino an artist to keep a close eye on.