J.T. Pender

Music Producer, and Recording Artist now creating vibes from San Diego.



Jacoby “J.T.” Pender was born into a family of musicians in the rurally located town of Port Angeles, Washington. His mother, father and brothers were all aspiring musicians throughout his life. He credits his family for providing an environment of constant musical creativeness growing up. Although he is skilled with a beat pad or sampler, he is also a capable musician with the keys, guitar and bass.

A typical studio session with J.T. reveals that he can create a track from scratch with any arrangement of instruments and develop it into a published song. As a recording engineer, songwriter and vocalist, J.T. has shown an ability to perform well in all areas of the song creation process.

Under the urban music imprint, GameRunnaZ, J.T. has amassed a catalog of over 10 published albums.

GameRunnaZ has now officially relocated to San Diego, California where the label has established a recording studio and is rebuilding its roster. J.T. recently revamped GameRunnaZ Music Publishing through GameRunnaZ Records, and has secured music placements with MTV, Bravo!, B.E.T., amongst
other TV networks. You can currently hear his original composing on the soundtrack for the movie “Killing Cookie,” directed by Ryan Wise.

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